What’s your tongueworm?

Most of you will probably know what a earworm is: a tune or song that gets stuck in your head, that you cant get rid off. But do you know what a tongueworm is? No, not this. Here is what i call a tongueworm: a food or drink which you can’t stop thinking of, especially when you know that there is no way you can have it in the near future. Let me explain.

A little while ago, Sneha and I did fieldwork together in Anshi national park. We would go on long treks looking for birds and mixed-species flocks. Often, this turned out to be quite boring because we saw nothing. And worse still, it would be hot and humid. In these situations, for lack of anything better to do, I would turn to Sneha and yell “green apple granita“. And Sneha would be stuck with a tongueworm:)

(For the animal behaviourist , this might just be a nice example of spite; even I would have really liked a green apple granita at that point!)

So, what’s your tongueworm? Sneha’s is green apple granita. Mine is cold coffee from a place called Shakes N Creams in Madras. What is that one food or drink you crave for in field and have no way of getting it? Instead, what is the first thing you crave to eat/drink when you get back to the city?

Do tell. The person who provides the most surprising answer will be rewarded with the tongueworm of his/her choosing…by ESS!



  1. Aparna Lajmi

    Wow Hari, we need to talk. On not a very different note, I crave for rice with spicy curry. At times even as I am eating it.

    And the winner of this contest is….

  2. torsey

    Craving for food is a way of life for me. So you can understand when I tell you it’s difficult for me not to mention a list over here! But it has got to be pork curry! Preferably made by Roy or Aparna (not necessarily in that order).

  3. rochishnudutta

    My tongueworms change with time and space. However, Biriyani: \m/..you rock… is the only one that remains constant. Since I am back in town, I am going to hand over the bills to ESS now. Agreed ESS ???

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