A tale of the tusked-giant and fierce villagers!

They must have heard that munching,
So they came out of their hamlets…
The thuds and the embossed fields…
And a giant was there, to raid…


With their tiny bullets,
They tried all of the alarms,
To alert this giant,
And to scare his unwanted charms…


They climbed that thorny tree
Their rags, all torn-out!
They yelled at the top of their voice
This giant seemed ignorant to their shout!


They ran towards him,
Yes, hundreds of them!
Magnificent, this giant was…
And he won’t deny his fame!


He raided their crops…
And they want the pay!
Yon, at the edge of every jungle,
This is a story of the usual day…


[ This poem popped up at around 11:10 am [on 14th March, 2013]  during our venture to track the crop-raiding makhna and the villagers who were chasing it out of their fields, Kalesar, N. Begur Range, Bandipur National Park]



  1. ekta

    The description is just wonderful, Sanjeeta. And specially the pictorial representation, very nice!

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