From Field-Diary: Fecalography

27th October, 2013, 13:32, Bandipur Tea Stall:

“…., Bullshit!” (Rough voice from the backdrop wedged my concentration)

I turned around and saw an agonized face of a gentleman (must be a visitor to Bandipur), a terrified adult bonnet macaque with the parted hair-style that flipped smoothly in the opposite poles by the breeze of Bandipur and a spilled-cup of tea. I observed the grubby floor, the paper cup lay helpless whilst the meandering tea being licked by the little opportunistic macaque.

Tea kudi, Amma

The gentleman bought another cup of tea. And this time, he stayed vigilant.

It was neither that gentleman’s voice nor that macaque which broke the castle of thoughts I was in. I blame them, never. After an entire day of quest for sighting an elephant, the word “Bull-shit” took away my attention.  I wonder why they use this word. And why he did!

I paid Amma (tea-stall owner) for the cups of tea we secured-from-macaques-and-had! And we left.

On my way back to the base-camp, I kept on pondering about the word. God must know what shit (fecal sample to be more precise and to be more technical, call it the part of ‘non-invasive technique’) means to me, unlike the people who use that word so trivially.  When my fellow-folks are busy being excited about the sightings of the majestic beasts, my eyes rolls over the grasses, road-side and the bank of rivers to see the piles of night-soils. Fresh and warm!

During field-work, I consider myself the luckiest soul on this earth and beyond if that word knocks me pragmatically, Bull-shit! (Bull-Tusker, Shit-dung)


The early morning prayers of mine include not just sighting an elephant but an elephant-in-action (defecating).  This hunt of hiding-behind-the-bush-and-wait-till-it-drops, gave me the idea of clicking the picture of what-ever-come-across-and-smells-horrible.  Be it dropping, scat or dung! (Uploading some of them…)











I remember what James Watson said “We used to think our fate was in the stars. Now we know in large measure our fate is in our genes”.

So for all their fate lies in their genes!

And their history?

Probably in their night-soils!

P.S. Images are of wild-animal’s feces

Cautions: And, are worth-not-looking-at during Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner time!


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