Ecologists are……

Ecologists are…

1. male chauvinist pigs

2. particularly concerned about pathogens
Well if above lines look offensive or stupid to you,  do look for google autocomplete for “Ecologists are” and then you would understand that I haven’t really lost it.
I came across this really fascinating post  ‘WHY ECOLOGY IS SO..” on a blog called ‘Dynamic Ecology’ . The writer has pointed out some really amazing auto completes by google for phrases like ““why is science so” or “why evolution is so” and so on.  To read the blog please visit this link  :
I think it will be very exciting to see what everyone  else finds out in auto complete suggestions for different phrases. Here is one i tried for “Darwin is”:
1. wrong
2.  going to hell
3. forefather of
4. boring
I hope you will have fun trying some phrases for yourself as well and please remember to post  here too in comments. Have fun!

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