Designed by Natasha Mhatre and Vivek Nityananda

ESS sprouted in 1991, with Sudha Premnath and Justin Santosh as its first coordinators. In the early years, the society mostly dealt with organising seminar talks, although the students did not play an active role in choosing the speakers. Since then, it has come a long way where students work closely with faculty and have a say about who to invite for seminars and workshops.

Sudha and Santosh adopted the IPD matrix as the logo of ESS to keep with its name. After a one-year term, they handed the reigns over to Hansraj Negi and Dhruba Naug who infused some enthusiasm in the student community by trying out a few small things. To begin with they got everyone together and designed a t-shirt, which had a Leopard’s face with ‘Cat’s Whiskers’ written below it (incidentally Kartik Shanker, now on the other side of the table at CES, contributed to the deisgn!). The t-shirt sold really well all over the campus and they had to make many prints to keep up with the demand. They both also started printing seminar notices on used paper and declared so at the bottom of the notice. The logo and the printed-on-used-paper-notcies got ESS lot of buzz in the campus, both positive and critical, and the secretaries quite enjoyed it.

Robert John, who replaced Hansraj Negi at the end of one year, joined Dhruba in trying to better organise the student colloquiua and defense in terms of refreshments and such. Dhruba also got an informal ‘Students Only’ work presentation series going in the evenings and cheekily titled it ‘Underground’.

It was a great success among the students and is still going strong with discussions, presentations and workshops among students, and not just about work! Robert and Dhruba also lobbied for a few things that the students wanted and got their way with quite a few of them. A. Sumana and Anuradha Bhatt took up the baton from them in 1998.

(Contributed by Dhruba Naug)

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