Events that will be held over the next few months in CES are segregated in the following manner.

Talks – Researchers, invited on the behalf of faculty or students, offer an insight into their work and thoughts. Talks are mostly held on Wednesday afternoons.

Underground – Generally a students-only meet, where work is discussed, field stories are exchanged or movies are watched. Its after hours. Its off the grid!

Workshops – Students and/or faculty share their know-how on technicalities of ecological research, may it be softwares, techniques or statistics. A good example would be the GIS workshop that was held last year by Nandita Mondal, CES. We would like suggestions for both, topics and speakers, where speakers can be faculty or students.

Official Student Talks – This category includes Comprehensive examination talks, Colloquiums and Theses Defence, that every Ph.D. student gives during their time in IISc.

Documentaries – Films and Documentaries pertaining to research in Ecology, Conservation or plain Wildlife Nature documentaries are screened once in while in the Department.

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