These links are recommended by the students of Centre for Ecological Sciences, for they found them to be useful in academics and otherwise.

Dynamic Ecology

“Dynamic Ecology is arguably the go-to blog for ecologists today. Includes advice and discussions on everything from writing papers to making beer nog from renowned ecologists Jeremy Fox, Meghan Duffy and Brian McGill.” – Hari Sridhar

Flowing Data

“This site has some great ideas for visualising data and crazy examples for explaining them! I also found it useful for some basic visualisations in R software.” – Viraj R. Torsekar

The EEB & Flow

“Blogging all things ecology and evolutionary biology” by Marc Cadotte, an assist. prof. at University of Toronto and his graduate student Caroline Tucker. The short write-ups on interesting ecology papers are a particularly nice feature of this blog.” – Hari Sridhar

The EEB & Flow


“Evolutionary biologist Joan Strassman’s blog includes lots of useful tips and advice for a successful and fun career in science. From the blog: “Science is so much fun, it’s hard to imagine wanting another career. Why do some find it intimidating? Why do some find it mysterious? What can we do to help? Maybe a little openness on the process will help. Read this blog regularly and you will get an inside look at the joy of science.”” – Hari Sridhar


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