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Open Day!

For the non-CES followers of our blog

Indian Institute of Science (IISc) organises Open Day every year for interested people to visit the Institute and get a feel of the research that is carried out in different departments. This year Open Day is being organised on 2nd March, Saturday.

Treasure HuntNature trailWe will start our day with ‘Nature trails’, where some of the Naturalists hidden in our midst will meander into the campus foliage. The trail begins near the IISc Main building at 9 am and again at 4pm. Documentaries pertaining to Ecological research, conservation and wildlife will be screened at 10am, 12pm and 2pm. Treasure Hunt, where we teach the use of field biology instruments by tracking a snake toy, will run throughout the day at 30 minute intervals. Each lab will be presenting their work with the help of brief presentations and live exhibits and demonstrations throughout the day. Learning games such as ‘Who Eats Who’ (a puzzle of trophic levels) and Guess the Sound (guess animal vocalizations) will give away souvenir stickers to the ‘winners’!

Do visit us and let others know!

On the origin of the book reading group

We had a pretty good turnout for the first meeting where we discussed how to go about reading On the origin of species. We are starting off next week, Thursday (24th Jan), at 5.30 pm in Lotka-Voltera lab the class room.

We will start by discussing the first chapter – Variation under domestication. Mahesh Ramadoss (not from CES) would be leading the discussion to make sure we don’t miss out on any important topics. The person leading could shortlist possible topics of discussions to keep the discussion going. But everyone is expected to read the chapter and contribute in the discussion.

As of now we are not sticking to any particular edition, but it would be nice to know how your edition is different from the others. It would be great if someone takes up the effort to write about the discussion and summing up the chapter on the ESS webpage after every session. We could rotate and take turns on this as well.

You can look for the edition of your interest here.

The T-shirt

After a long time we’ve come about designing a t-shirt in CES, which we ‘unveiled’ during the recently held In-house Symposium. We had a great response to it, with almost 80 numbers already been ordered! You can order one of your own t-shirts!

The price of the t-shirt will be Rs.260 each and for those who were not around during the symposium or haven’t yet placed the order for the t-shirt, you can do so by mailingĀ ess@ces.iisc.ernet.in with the following details –

1. Name
2. e-mail address
3. Size (confirm using the attached size chart)
4. Mens / Womens
5. Colour (choose from White, Grey and Black)
6. Quantity

If you are ordering multiple t-shirts, please mention what colour/size/sex for each one.

The Size chart (PDF) gives details of how exactly you need to measure height and width of one of your t-shirts to get an idea of the size class. You could use that to confirm the size you want to order. T-shirts might vary by +/- 1/2 inch, but if in doubt, go for a bigger size.
Finally the payment for the t-shirt(s) has to be made by Tuesday (November 20) 5 pm to Viraj Torsekar in TA-08.

P.S. – Sandeep Pulla is the designer.