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The T-shirt

After a long time we’ve come about designing a t-shirt in CES, which we ‘unveiled’ during the recently held In-house Symposium. We had a great response to it, with almost 80 numbers already been ordered! You can order one of your own t-shirts!

The price of the t-shirt will be Rs.260 each and for those who were not around during the symposium or haven’t yet placed the order for the t-shirt, you can do so by mailingĀ ess@ces.iisc.ernet.in with the following details –

1. Name
2. e-mail address
3. Size (confirm using the attached size chart)
4. Mens / Womens
5. Colour (choose from White, Grey and Black)
6. Quantity

If you are ordering multiple t-shirts, please mention what colour/size/sex for each one.

The Size chart (PDF) gives details of how exactly you need to measure height and width of one of your t-shirts to get an idea of the size class. You could use that to confirm the size you want to order. T-shirts might vary by +/- 1/2 inch, but if in doubt, go for a bigger size.
Finally the payment for the t-shirt(s) has to be made by Tuesday (November 20) 5 pm to Viraj Torsekar in TA-08.

P.S. – Sandeep Pulla is the designer.