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Open Day!

For the non-CES followers of our blog

Indian Institute of Science (IISc) organises Open Day every year for interested people to visit the Institute and get a feel of the research that is carried out in different departments. This year Open Day is being organised on 2nd March, Saturday.

Treasure HuntNature trailWe will start our day with ‘Nature trails’, where some of the Naturalists hidden in our midst will meander into the campus foliage. The trail begins near the IISc Main building at 9 am and again at 4pm. Documentaries pertaining to Ecological research, conservation and wildlife will be screened at 10am, 12pm and 2pm. Treasure Hunt, where we teach the use of field biology instruments by tracking a snake toy, will run throughout the day at 30 minute intervals. Each lab will be presenting their work with the help of brief presentations and live exhibits and demonstrations throughout the day. Learning games such as ‘Who Eats Who’ (a puzzle of trophic levels) and Guess the Sound (guess animal vocalizations) will give away souvenir stickers to the ‘winners’!

Do visit us and let others know!

Write Simple

One does not simply explain your research‘Complex scientific concepts explained using only the thousand most used words in the English language.’ says the header of an interesting blog that is an extreme version of explaining one’s work in simple words. It was back in my Masters that I was made aware of the importance of doing so, courtesy my guide. He pushed us to explain our research lucidly to a layman or a colleague. I’m not sure how good I was, but it was always a good conversation starter!

This blog is a good opportunity to begin and I’m surely going to try it out. Here is the link. The real challenge is to write about your work without using words that you generally take for granted, such as ‘species’ or ‘behaviour’. Curiously the f-word was allowed (not that it matters to explain your work though)!

In case you needed a push to write about your work, here is one –

“Have you ever wondered, where did all the different kind of living things, that makes life exciting and even more interesting, came from? the kinds we see today, either in the deep blue waters or in the deep tree covered areas of the world, were not made by god, but have come to being through several hundreds and years of change caused within each life. But, change is just one reason for the different kinds of life, the strong reason is this thing of one life becoming two. The reasons behind these are many. Many people are working towards understanding these reasons. I am one of them.” – S.P. Vijaykumar’s submitted post

If you do end up submitting a post there, do paste it in the comments of this blog too.